We have a huge range of pavers available in a variety of sizes and finishes with a great selection available for you to view at our yard. Pavers can provide either a classic or contemporary look to your outdoor area – the choice is yours. Whether you wish to purchase just a couple or would like us to arrange delivery of hundreds we can organise it for you.

PLAIN PAVERS – these plain concrete pavers are available in just about any size you could wish for  – square, oblong, round and available with a smooth or non-skid finish.

See Pricelist for full range of sizes and finishes.

PLAIN PAVERS Size mmPavers / m²Price/PaverPrice/m²
PlainPaverPlain Smooth - Natural300 x 300 x 4011.11$5.35$59.45
400 x 200 x 4012.50$5.20$65.00
400 x 400 x 406.25$9.30$58.13
450 x 225 x 409.9$5.80$57.42
450 x 300 x 407.40$7.80$58.46
450 x 450 x 405.00$10.70$53.50
500 x 250 x 408.00$7.30$58.40
500 x 500 x 404.00$13.10$52.40
600 x 300 x 405.55$9.70$53.84
600 x 450 x 403.70$12.40$45.88
600 x 600 x 402.80$18.70$52.36
crazy paverCrazy PaverApprox. 74cm diameterN/A$20.00N/A
hex paverHex Paver31cm diameter13.33$7.00$93.30
Nonskid-450Sand Blasted450 x450 x 405.00$13.50$67.50
Nonskid-500Flagstone500 x 500 x 404.00$13.80$55.20
StepStonePlain300mm roundN/A$5.60N/A
350mm roundN/A$8.80N/A
450mm roundN/A$9.90N/A
fun feetFun Feet33cm longN/A$25.00 / pairN/A
feet step stone largeFeet Step Stone Large55cm LongN/A$28.00 / pairN/A


FIRTH PAVERS – we offer the full range of Firth Pavers and if we don’t currently have in stock the ones you require we can get them for you usually within 48hrs. For large quantities we can get them delivered directly to you free of charge!

DESIGNER SERIES – this high-end honed range allows you to achieve a premium finish with the flexibility to combine sizes and colours. Get a totally unique look to for outdoor area.

Designer Series colours

FIRTH PAVERS - DESIGNER SERIES Size mmPavers / m²PricePrice/ m²
DSForumForum400 x 400 x 506.25$22.40$140.00
DSPiazzaPiazza400 x 200 x 5012.5$11.40$142.50
FIRTH PAVERS - CLASSIC Size (mm)Pavers / m²PricePrice/ m²

Firth Chancery Colours
500 x 500 x 504$22.60$90.40
Firth CourtyardCourtyard Flagstone

Courtyard colours
450 x 450 x 505$16.90$84.50

Forum colours
400 x 400 x 506.25$13.80$86.25

Piazza colours
400 x 200 x 5012.5$7.70$96.25

Holland colours
200 x 100 x 5050$1.50$75.00
Firth WalkwayWalkway Pavers

Walkway colours
230 x 190 x 5023$2.10$48.30
FIRTH ECO-PAVERS Size (mm)Pavers / m²PricePrice/ m²
Firth GrassGrass Pavers400 x 400 x 806.25$9.22$57.65
Firth GobiGobi Blocks200 x 200 x10025$4.57$114.25

See Firth Brochure for full details on colour options.

PAVING NZ PAVERS – the range includes Smooth, Sandstone, Exposed Aggregate, Honed and Sandblast finished pavers, coming in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your every need.

PAVING NZ DescriptionPrice
Ambassador Honed SeriesA beautiful clean finish, highlighting the natural river round aggregate in the paver. Available in all colours, these pavers produce an elegant 'terrazzo' look. They come honed and pre-sealed for immediate installation. from $21.90
Smooth PaversThese pavers are ideal with all landscapes and houses - old world tradition, or the latest modern design. The plain colour is particularly popular. from $7.90
Bull NoseOften used for swimming pool edges and for steps. These pavers are made to order and are available in in Smooth and Sandstone finishes.from $7.20
Exposed AggregateThe exposed aggregate finish gives a traditional look and may be used create a feature or perhaps as stepping stones to link areas together.from $11.90
SandstoneThe sandstone texture provides a non-slip surface even when sealed with a surface sealer. They lend themselves to any application and perfect for pool surrounds.from $14.10
Senator SeriesThese pavers are sandblasted to give a similar look to exposed aggregate concrete and great for courtyards. Border size pavers are also available to complete the look.from $11.60

See Paving NZ website for full details on sizes and colours.

Download Full Paver Pricelist