Pebbles and Stones

We have a great range of pebbles and stones for landscaping. Whether it is plain river pebbles, decorative coloured pebbles, fabulous schist stone or lime chip you need to add that perfect finish  – we have it.

RIVER PEBBLE and LIME CHIP – whether it is to cover your path, garden or add the finishing touches to your pots, we can supply it either in bulk or bagged.

 RIVER PEBBLESPrice/m³Price/Bag
RP13River Pebbles 6mm-13mm$95.60$8.00
RP20River Pebbles 20mm$100.00$8.00
RP40River Pebbles 20mm-50mm$78.80$8.00
GullyRockGully Rock 20mm$350.00$16.00
Lime Chip SmallWhite Lime Chip 6-16mm$320.00$15.50
Mustard Lime ChipMustard Lime Chip 15mm$117.00$11.00
MustardLimeSandMustard Lime Sand$117.00$11.00

We can load your trailer, ute or truck, lend you a trailer or we can deliver to you (see services).

COLOURED PEBBLES – Our bags of coloured pebbles are just what you need to give a special highlight to your garden, path or water feature. The coloured pebbles are available in two sizes; 8-13mm or 13-20mm, with Austin White also available in 22-50mm. Our bags are approx 25kg.

COLOURED PEBBLES Uses/DescriptionPrice/Bag
CrosbyMarbleCrosby MarbleA creamy white pebble that is naturally smooth from the hills of Southland.$23.50
AustinWhiteAustin WhiteThis a white base pebble and the lovely green hue pebbles this creates a lovely look in the garden or water feature.$23.50
ToreiMixTorei MixWith a mix of grey pebbles and a multitude of other colours this pebble is great for native landscaping.$23.50
ColourMixColour MixThis smooth pebble has a lovely gold pebble with black, grey, brown, green and white pebbles sprinkled through it. $29.50
Coloured Pebbles Mountain MistMountain MistThis river pebble is a predominantly grey schist with streaks of white interspersed with flecks of silver.$23.50
Coloured Pebbles Marble GreyMarble GreyA predominantly grey pebble with green (resembling jade in colour when wet) and white pebbles mixed throughout to create a unique white colour, which brightens any landscape or flooring project without being overpowering.$23.50

NATURAL STONE – We will give you a bag and you can select exactly which stones you like the shape and colour of and we will then weigh them for you so you only pay for what you want.

NATURAL STONE Uses/DescriptionPrice/kg
FlatBeachStoneFlat Beach StonesThese stones are so versatile - use them in your garden/pots or lay them in a path. You can even use them to create you own special pot or container.$1.90
SchistStepStoneAlpine Schist Step Stones These stunning schist stones are of varying sizes and are perfect for stepping stones.Small - $21.90 ea

Large - $29.90 ea
SchistBlockAlpine Schist BlocksWith the hard work done of cutting the schist to the right size, these blocks will let you create a special wall or edging.$1.50
SchistPiecesSchist pieces These pieces are random sizes and shapes allowing you to select the perfect pieces for your project. $1.50

If you have a much bigger project then talk to us about getting the stone in bulk.