Topsoil & Bark

No landscaping project is complete without good quality soil. All our organic bark, topsoil and compost are sourced locally. Our special lawn/garden mix is made in our yard from screened topsoil, compost and sand and is perfect for sowing new grass seed or putting in your garden beds. Our topsoil is kept undercover so is lovely and dry all year round.

BarkNuggetsBark Nuggets$99.00$8.00
BarkChipBark Chip$89.00$8.00
BarkMulchBark Mulch$43.00$6.00
TopsoilTopsoil Screened$85.00$6.00
GardenMixLawn/Garden Mix$95.00$6.00
CompostOrganic Grow Mix/Compost$100.00$6.00